Our whole, raw pecans  are unroasted and no salt added - just pure pecan flavor.  Use them for snacking, cooking or baking.

Raw Pecans


  • You can find pecans going all the way back to the 16th century. In all of the North American continent, it is the one and only native major tree nut. A relatively valuable nut, its name goes back to an Algonquin word which describes nuts that you need to use a rock to crack open. Due to its amazing flavor, it was very popular with the pre-colonial peoples of North America.


    There were other reasons pecans were popular. They were local to many settlements because they tended to grow near waterways. Not only were they easy to obtain, they were also relatively easy to crack. This led to pecans being a favorite food source for native tribes, particularly in the fall.


    The first to cultivate pecan orchards in the Americas were the Spanish colonists in the 17th and 18th centuries. Later, settlers from England joined in. This paved the way for some of America’s founding fathers to grow pecans. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson joined the pecan craze in the late 18th century.


    At about this time, European settlers found they could make a profit trading pecans in the West Indies, with various publications in England promoting the New World nut. New Orleans became a major trading center for pecans due to its location on the Mississippi. It traded well locally and around the globe due to its access to ports. This created an incentive for locals to grow their own orchards and create all-new farming techniques to produce even better pecans.


    One such technique was developed by South Carolina’s Abner Landrum. This allowed people to graft branches from the best pecan trees onto seedlings, meaning the new tree would also bear the best pecans! This eventually led an African-American pecan grower to win an award for the nuts from his grafted trees at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1876. His planting of 126 “Centennial” pecan trees became the first official planting of pecan trees improved by grafting.


    Eventually, the United States had a fully booming pecan industry. By 1920, production of pecans reached 2.2 million pounds. Production kept growing and growing, until reaching over 250 million pounds of annual pecan production in the present day! In that same time, lots of advancements in packaging and environmental controls have further expanded the trade potential of the pecan, allowing worldwide distribution.


    Pecans are a uniquely American crop. They’re delicious, and are packed with more nutrients than you can shake a stick at. They can go in salads, they make a delightfully crunchy coating for salmon, and they’re a primary ingredient in some of the best desserts out there - who doesn’t love pecan pie and pecan praline ice cream? (link)


    Benefits of Pecans:

    Health Benefits

    Pecans pack a huge list of vitamins and minerals! From vitamins A, B, and E to other important nutrients like zinc and folic acid, pecans can be a great choice if you want a nutrient-dense snack. Pecans are high in fiber and zero sodium, and of course they are high in protein. They also are rich in monounsaturated fats - a good kind of fat.


    Specific Health Benefits


    Pecans have numerous specific health benefits. Diets which contain a high amount of monounsaturated fats are great for reducing blood pressure. Adding pecans may also reduce your risk for various cardiovascular problems like coronary artery disease and others. They can also help with losing weight and achieving higher levels of energy.


    High In Antioxidants


    Pecans are a good source of antioxidants. This can help you avoid oxidative stress or free radical imbalances. Alzheimer's disease and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as other health problems, can result from such imbalances. If you need a burst of antioxidants in your system, research has shown pecans to be a great solution.


    Reduction of Inflammation


    In small quantities, inflammation acts as one of your body's most effective natural defenses against cell damage. However, if you experience chronic inflammation, pecans are a fantastic, natural, and delicious remedy. They are also effective against arthritis of any level of severity.


    Cholesterol Regulation


    High LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol are associated with various health problems. Pecans do two great things for you if this is the case for you. It raises HDL while simultaneously lowering LDL cholesterol - the best of both worlds. They should be a part of your diet if you struggle with this.


    PMS Symptom Reduction


    Another prominent nutrient in pecans is manganese. This nutrient is known for its ability to support higher energy levels while alleviating the severity of mood swings. Thanks to high levels of dietary fiber, you can expect healthier digestion. Next time your symptoms have you on the ropes, you can feel a little better about reaching for that slice of pecan pie!




    Pecans are high in Oleic acid. This beautiful little molecule is associated with reduced risk of breast cancer development. Pecans are also useful for fighting osteoperosis, thanks to their phosphorous content. As a side benefit, phosphorous can ease muscle soreness and cramping from working out.


    Brain Food


    If you want to treat your grey matter right, it's a great idea to include pecans in your diet. Your brain is subject to free radical damage, but the copper and thiamine in pecans can mitigate it. That means these magical nuts can put off Parkinson's disease. In addition, the manganese present in pecans can help level out your mood and can reduce the impact of epilepsy.


    High Energy


    Copper is absolutely crucial in promoting high energy levels. It has a central role in the creation of adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP. ATP is a molecule which is critical to your metabolism’s ability to create and use energy. Not only do pecans contain copper, they also are a source of thiamine, another essential ingredient in ATP production.


    Healthy Appearance


    Antioxidants are essential for maintaining a healthy complexion, and pecans are full of them. In addition, pecans can help prevent anemia, which is due to iron deficiencies. Guess what? Pecans are iron rich! On top of all that, pecans contain an amino acid known as L-arginine, which encourages healthy hair and improved circulation to the scalp.