These mango slices are absolutely delicious! They have no sugar, no SO2 and no dye added. They are a good source of dietary fiber and Vitamin C. We suggest you order more than you think you will need, since they will be used up before you know it.

Natural Mango Slices

  • The Mango's origins are in India, specifically Northeast India. They have been cultivated for a long time in history estimated at around 25-30 millions years ago. It's very rich history and endearment as one of the only fruits mentioned in hindu religious scriptures, it is nicknamed "The King of Fruits". Another culture who took a liking to the mango were the Portuguese who introduced the fruit to Africa around the 16th Century. (link)

    The Natural Mango Slices are for people who would like a bigger piece of the fruit. As opposed to the diced variety, this will pack alot more nutrients per piece due to its larger size. 

    Many of it's benefits are:

    Digestion Benefits

    Mango to your diet can aid digestion as opposed to a diet without. The Mango contains enymes that help with digesting protein and fiber as well as its breakdown. Fiber helps the digestive tract to work effeciently which in turn aids your digestion.

    Promotes Healthy Gut

    Aside from the aid in digestion and breakdown of proteins and fiber there is one special quality which also keeps your gut healthy. Mangos contain prebiotic dietary fiber, mainly in the skin, which feeds the good bacteria which resides in the gut. Keeping this good bacteria in order goes a long way to avoid health complications which come with bad gut health.

    Can Boost Immunity

    It is suprising to most that this next benefit flies under the radar. An average sized mango contains about 2/3 the amount of vitamin C you should consume in a day. Keeping up with your Vitamin C intake is very important for someone who is trying to keep their immune system strong. Vitamin C intake is directly related to helping your immunce system prevent colds and flu.

    Eye Health Benefits

    Many suggest adding Mangoes to your diet may promote better eye health. Since it contains Beta-Carotene it definitley signals that it would. Beta-Carotene helps the production of Vitamin A. This antioxidant improves vision, overall eye health, and age related eye damage.

    Lowers Cholesterol

    Eating Mangoes can help regulate cholesterol levels. With Fibre Pectin levels being high, it helps bring LDL levels down which are considered as bad cholesterol. Causes plaque in the vessels and it is not good for blood flow

    Clearer Skin

    High levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin A contribute to keeping your skin in great health. Both have a big part in repairing your skin and keeping it healthy in general. Mango helps exfoliate and get rid of dead pores. Not only the vitamins but also the fiber which aids in overall healthy digestion.

    Safe For Diabetics

    You would think with how delicious and sweet Mangoes are that it would not be safe for a Diabetic. When you look at its nutritional value and how it falls on the glycemic index it registers fairly low coming in at around a 51. With it being low and containing fiber which helps regulate blood sugar, this makes it safe to consume in moderation. That means if you're diabetic and you're craving something sweet, some Mango can be exactly what you reach for!

    Weight Loss

    Mangoes again are deceiving in the way that being so sugary you would think to avoid at all cost. In fact they are sneaky in the way that the skin contains phytochemicals which are amazing to bust fat. It is filled with dietary fiber which aids digestion but also makes you feel full for longer period of time than foods with less fiber. This is especially important for prevention of sneaking in those unhealthy snacks which contribute to weight gain.