The fact that I am writing this piece, and the fact that you, dear Reader, are reading it means that we are both still in the land of the living. That simple observation should remind us that there is always, always something to be grateful for.

Even though for the past three months I found myself spending lots of time at home and zero time out socializing, my list of pending household projects is no shorter than it was at the beginning of the year. In fact, that list has gotten a little longer. The normal excuse for my procrastination, "lack of time," was no longer an issue. Instead, a general feeling of uneasiness and a compulsion to constantly watch the news seemed to drain my motivation to be active and productive at home.

Luckily, I understood that I was not the only one going through this phase of disorientation and realized that eventually I would readjust and get back on track. Hopefully that means that I will be using my "lack of time" less frequently and actually get something accomplished!

One thing I did find the time to do (it took all of five minutes) was to fill out the 2020 Census. Another accomplishment was that I renewed my lapsed voter registration. It's not difficult to do on-line, and you can find help and guidance if you need it. If you are not a registered voter, you should register NOW to be sure you can vote in the general election this November. Whatever your politics may be, everyone’s vote counts.

So, here's the plan : register to vote, vote in November and in every election after that, consider becoming more active in local community issues, and then paint the kitchen and clean out the garage!