January 6, 2020

Updated: Jan 14

James Bond, Simon Templar, John Steed, Emma Peel, Miss Marple… we admire them all. However, there can be only one Master Sleuth, and he was solving mysteries nearly a century before James Bond introduced himself as “Bond, James Bond.” I am referring, of course, to Mycroft’s younger brother, Sherlock Holmes.

Yes, yes we know that Edgar Allen Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin preceded Holmes. Indeed, E.A. is credited with inventing the modern detective novel, but you must admit there is something especially appealing about an English mystery.

Now, what exactly does Sherlock Holmes have to do with Baker Street Trading, and how do I intend to associate the nuts, seeds, and dried fruit sold on this website with our all-time favorite detective? Allow me to submit this for your approval:

“Nuts are brain food. Eat some macadamias and you will be as smart as the great Sherlock Holmes.” ( This is not medical advice, merely our wishful thinking.)

You may be wondering what is special about January 6, 2020. January 6, dear reader, is the generally accepted birthday of Sherlock Holmes. Had he lived, he would be 166 years young.

To all the Irregulars and Adventuresses out there, we tip our deerstalkers and wish you well in your upcoming celebrations. As for me, on the evening of January 6, I shall be sitting in my arm chair in front of the telly, brandy snifter in hand. On the table next to me will be a plate with Marcona almonds and a piece of English Stilton cheese. You can be sure I will be waiting to hear Basil Rathbone utter these words to his friend: “ Come Watson,come! The game is afoot!”

Happy Birthday, Mr. Holmes